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May's message from Pastor Jo

      It’s amazing how quickly we forget the cold and dark days of winter when we see the green coming into our lawns and flowers
popping out of the ground! Spring is here at last! Those beautiful flowers and that green lawn bring a smile to our faces and cheer to our hearts. You know God wants us to have a cheerful heart! Recently, I heard some disturbing news…it is said that children laugh approximately 250 times a day. Do you know what that number drops down to when we become adults? It drops clear down to eight times a day! That seems very sad to me. Do you think that’s one of the reasons why Jesus said that we should all become like children in our relationship with Him? Little children don’t have a care in the world and everything is fun to them.
     I realize that as we grow older, we are faced with so many challenges and heartbreaks. I realize that cares can become overwhelming! So, I think that’s why Jesus spoke so many words of cheer and hope. He wants us to have joy even in the midst of trials. We’re told that He wants us to have joy unspeakable and full of glory! He even tells us that in our trials and tribulations, which He says we will have while we live on the sinful earth. We still need to be of good cheer for He has overcome them! We are told in scripture that a merry heart does good like a medicine and science tell us that laughter releases hormones that fight depression. We are also told we should even be cheerful when we are giving! I think God puts a high quality upon us living cheerful and happy lives. When the world looks at us, do they see dour and mean Christians? Does that do anything to draw them to Jesus? We are told that the children loved Jesus. He always had a smile on His face for them and a song in His heart and all people were drawn to Him. I don’t think people are drawn to dour and sour people.
      So, let’s think about that and let’s think about the joy that has filled our hearts as we’ve seen this cold snowy winter turn into this beautiful…even though windy…spring. Let’s think about the joy that’s in our hearts when we think about the fact Jesus died and rose again for us. Let’s think about the joy that is waiting for us when Jesus comes again and we walk through those beautiful gates of heaven!! We have a lot to be joyful about! Brothers and Sisters, let’s share a few belly laughs with each other and try to make sure that we are happy, joyful Christians, laughing a little bit more than eight times a day!!
Pastor Jo                                                   

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